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What You’ll Learn…

 👉 The bulletproof framework to success when using Tiktok professionally
 👉You’ll understand how TikTok’s algorithm works, including the For You Page.
 👉How to grow your audience, views, and go VIRAL!
 👉Monetizing your brand on TikTok and turning your followers into clients.

About Your Presenters
We attribute our success to successful content marketing and strategic monetization, which is why we're SO passionate about helping other people use Tiktok to their benefit, no matter what industry or level of expertise they're at. 

When we first started our Tiktok account, it was with the intentions of simply marketing our online educational programs. 

15 months later, we've reached over 460,000 followers, got verified, have tripled our income streams, and most importantly... 

generated almost half a million dollars to our business just by cracking the code to Tiktok For Business Blueprint.

If anyone knows anything about Tiktok and using it for business, we believe we do…

But don't just take our word for it. We actually represented Tiktok For Business at a virtual event with over 10k people where we spoke amongst other big brands such as Facebook, Snapchat, and more. Not only that, but since joining Tiktok, we've been able to expand our streams of income by generating 6 figures in brand deals alone. 
We've been able to generate half a Million Dollars to our online business AND grow over 400,000 in our first year on TikTok
And... we've scored major brand deals. Including representing TikTok For Business at a national commerce event alongside Microsoft, Facebook, and more.

But... is Tiktok actually good for my business? 

Darlenne: owns a service based business. After growing on tiktok, closed a client for $2,500 a month in one month and another that paid her $39,480 a month in retainer!

@emshapewear: Emily owns a Shape-wear business and says her biggest problem after growing her Tiktok for business using our help has been staying in stock!

"This months goal is 60k and my biggest problem is staying in stock! Due to my supplies coming from Colombia I wasn’t able to get my product in time and reach my goal but I am still grateful. Since getting Elite Tier's help in February, my sales for my shape-wear business sales has looked like this: 
March - $10k
April - $20k 
May - $30k 
June - $40k
I couldn't have done it without Elite Tier's guidance and help. I couldn't recommend them more to anyone looking to grow their business and social media presence." - Emily

The Profreshional's Closet: After growing 250,00 followers on tiktok in less than 2 months, increased her commissions as an affiliate marketer by thousands of dollars right after going viral



Commission Sales 👇 

Professional dunker and Olympic participant: As consulters, we helped Isaiah strategize his content, brand messaging and social media presence specifically on Tiktok to drive more traffic to his training grow a cult like community!

Matcha Brand: As consulters, we helped Mind Over Matcha create a complete content strategy, plan, and helped her create meaningful content that not only got her to go viral but be able to completely sell out of her inventory in less than a week

More Student Results...

Do we need to say more?! Your business needs attention, and TikTok will do the trick!
Know the POWER of TikTok, UNDERSTAND IT, and TAKE ADVANTAGE of it!
All you need to know are a few basic strategies and you’ll watch your business grow like CRAZY in only a few weeks.

We talk about all of this in our FREE webinar!

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